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Month: February 2017

Another Variety

Another Variety

It’s been a while that I’ve been working on a post-apocalyptical game called “Another Variety”. It is a first person non-linear narrative game set in an undefined future in an underground laboratory of a reasearch institute. You wake up from hibernation to discover that the lab was abandonded and there is no one else left. You were supposed to hibernate for one year only as an experiment, yet the calendar shows that 25 years have passed. Will you find out what happened? And if you do, will you still want to leave the lab?

This was supposed to be a simple game loosely inspired by a novel by Philip K Dick I wanted to release in a few months but turns out it’s already been more than a year that I’m working on it. Creating takes lot’s of time and effort and I’m not only talking about limited time ressource I can actually devote to game development (family, life & work priorities come first). What initialy was a simple idea got bigger, with several endings. While detailing the scenario on paper I started to dig more and more into the subject. Somewhere last year I also passed from Actionscript to Unity while I already had a working prototype in the former… and I completely reworked the gameplay.

I have also changed the graphics style like 4 times maybe. I have been searching for the style but I also had to improve my skills. As I think I may have achived the style I was looking for, now I just need to create all the graphics… *sigh*

Anyway as I’m now content enough with the style I will be gradually uploading some graphics and screenshots and maybe even a video game trailer or a simple demo/prototype (but don’t expect those too soon though…).
So please stay tuned.