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Month: April 2017

Ludum Dare #38

Ludum Dare #38

Another Ludum Dare! Another Game! 🙂
The theme was “Small world” so I put up a game ispired by the six derees of separation theory. It’s a short narrative game about two kids trying to crash a party called Six Degrees of Separation Between Me and the Party.

The game actually has 3 different endings and 2 gameplay modes. I hope you’ll also be impressed by the pixel perfect graphics and character movement (I’ve lost hours on it so please be impressed – I think I’ll be making a tutorial later on it as it really isn’t well documented anywhere on the net).

Although I didn’t make it to the compo, and I didn’t have time to make any music, I still am very content with what came out. I made such a progress since my first Ludum Dare!

Anyway I’ll be hopefully releasing a webGL version in a few weeks, it will be a post jam version directly. But before that please play the original game and leave me some feedback (whether you liked it or not). Your feedback is really very helpful. Thanks!

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