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Month: August 2017

Ludum Dare #39

Ludum Dare #39

For the last 3 days I’ve spend most of my time on making a game for Ludum Dare. I’m really drawn by narrative games so this time I worked on one again. The theme of the jam was “Running out of Power”.

My game is called “The Fifth Exponent” and it’s a sort of space opera, with a bunch of quirky characters living on space islands. In this world cars only travel by discrete exponential distance. It’s basically a Point & Click Adventure but with an additional proppeler puzzle which you need to figure out in order to get on the islands in the correct order.

I really had a lot of fun designing the quirky characters that I have quite certainly spent too much time on drawing and animating. The time that maybe could have been better used for music and sound design which is virtually unexistant. But Ludum Dare is all about fun right? So this time I consciously did something that was most fun even though it didn’t seem reasonable. And even though I love composig music. Yet some less funny stuff like dialogs had to be implemented as well and that turned out more pain than I had expected.

There were a bunch of features I wanted to implement like time rewind and in-game hints which would have made the game simplier. A few cool endings as well. But time is not extendible 😀
Expect those in a post-jam version if I ever get to make that. I’ll also try to add a brief web walkthrough.

Until that I hope you get to enjoy the game. And as usuall do not hesitate to leave me some feedback whether you liked the game or not. Maybe you see stuff you’d like to be added in the post-jam version. I’m really open for suggestions!

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