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Month: July 2018

Coffee Jam

Coffee Jam

Hello you all, I’m back after a very long while. I took a break from game developpement and Internet in general. It was very beneficial. Now I’m back with some renewed energy and hopefully new ideas (we’ll see).

As I was thinking about coming back to gamedev, I received the excellent indie game jams newsletter from Jupiter Hadley which mentionned the CoffeJam in july.
It’s the type of jam I like: relaxed, with no rush, no pression, no ratings and no prizes. So well.. I happily joined.

I had great ideas in mind but turns out my abilities are what they are so the final version is an indie game MVP (= minimal viable product). I’m still pleased with it even thought its very very simple and mosty different from my initial intentions (nevermind that!).

So, good to see you again and if you have a moment, please enjoy the coffee I prepared for you :