Amongst other things I am a hobby game developper, an aspiring musician, music composer and now also a pixelart graphist.

I love playing different kinds of games, be that video games, roleplaying table top, live-action roleplaying (LARP), board games or escape rooms (did I forget any?).

A few years back I started writing LARP scenarios and later went on to creating computer games. Writing LARP is a big challenge in terms of narrative, organisation and creating a memorable experience for all of the players. But with video games creation it’s a whole new world of experience as a game desiner. I love it how computer games let you be creative in such a variety of fields: writing, design, graphics, music and even code! I wish I have discovered earlier that creating video games wasn’t that difficult 😉

You will find on this site mainly my creations regarding video games, music or graphics. Maybe one day, when I have time and people are interested, I’ll also post some other stuff I make like LARP scenarios. I am also thinking of posting some game design and developpement tips, now that I have gathered some small experience.

Feel free to comment. And never hesitate to give me feedback on stuff I create, it really helps to improve!