Amongst other things I am a hobby game designer and developper than likes to tackle all things like writing, narrative, graphics and sound design.

I love playing different kinds of games, be that video games, roleplaying table top, live-action roleplaying (LARP), board games or escape rooms (did I forget any?). I’ve been playing video games since I was a kid, discovered table top as a teenager and LARP as a young adult.

A few years back I started writing LARP scenarios and later went on to creating computer games. Writing LARP is a big challenge in terms of narrative, organisation and creating a memorable experience for all of the players. But with video games creation it’s a whole new world of experience as a game desiner. I love how computer games let you be creative in such a variety of fields: writing, narrative, design, graphics, music and even code! I wish I have discovered earlier that video games was something that I could possibly create and not just consume.

You will find on this site mainly my creations regarding video games, music or graphics. Maybe one day, when I have time and if people are interested, I’ll also post some other stuff I made like LARP scenarios. I am also thinking of posting some game design and developpement tips if I find that what I’ve learned myself may interest others.

Please be conscious that as much as game developpment is very important to me, I have some other life priorities and obligations so this site may not be updated as frequently as it should. Fortunately, you will still find it worthwile to come back here from time to time.

Always feel free to comment. And never hesitate to give me feedback on stuff I create, it really helps to improve!