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Sequel to Roc’h Arnev Island

Sequel to Roc’h Arnev Island

I’ve been thinking about it a lot, but this project is in suspension at the moment and will probably be in this state for a long while.
While some people think using photos in videogames is just a “cheap” way of obtaining graphics, photo sessions on the spot actually are very time consuming and require a lot of preparation. Not to mention that some additional conditions such as the right time (required lightning, the tides…) and weather conditions can get in the way.
In addition to this there’s time spent on post processing, some photos just need some basic enhancement for nicer effect but in most cases there is need of some sort of modification (cutting out of “unwanted” humans, changes of some environnments, adding inexistant details etc)
All in all, the sequel to Roc’h Arnev Island will require a very important amount of time and at the moment I just don’t have it.
There was a time when I have been thinking about making something even cooler, with 3D graphics, but let’s face it, it’s not very realistic.

But I’d really like to finish the story one day, the way the game finishes on a cliffhanger (while it was a good way to interest people with the sequel, it’s also very cruel if I never get to actually finish the sequel).
so I’ve been thinking about doing a text adventure… it would certainly solve the problem of time-consuming graphics, so I might be able to create the game way sooner
At the same time, I am aware that the charm of Roc’h Arnev Island is in it’s athmosphere, and the photos contribute to it largely.

So it’s a question I’m asking the community: would you like to play Roc’h Arnev Island 2 even though it was a text adventure because you want to discover how it ends? Or would you rather wait for the full graphical adventure? Or maybe you just don’t care or never played the first game?

It’s just to help me decide whether the text adventure scenario is something to consider seriously, and whether there’s still interst in the game 2 years after the first installement of Roc’h Arnev Island was released.

Thank’s for your feedback.

If you never played the game you can find it on Newgrounds and on