Loop Hell Solution

Loop Hell Solution

If you’re here it means that you’d like to find out the solution to Loop Hell. Below you’ll find some text tips, then a text solution and at the bottom the gameplay video.

A few tips:
1. at each passage you have to melt one object and place the tile in the circle
2. it’s the same room but it changes slightly, ie. the article in the desk changes
3. the puzzle is fairly simple: you need to melt the objects in the correct order and place the tiles in the correct quandrants.
4. the articles will indicate the correct melting order
5. there’s nothing to help you indicate the quadrant order so just place them at random. the quadrant order is always the same so once you know it you do not need to discover it this way again

The solution (highligh the text with your mouse to see the solution):
The order of passages in the room:
1. melt coin put tile in II quadrant
2. melt water put tile in IV quandrant
3. melt magnet put tile in I quandrant
4. melt leaf (it’s in the book) put tile in III quandrant

end spoilers

Video Solution
You’ll probabably want to increase the speed 😉
the clue about the quadrant order is at 3:48
and the ending is… at the end at 6:54