There are several track’s I composed on soundcloud and I’m proud of all of them, but not all are equal. And some are objectively better than others (at least in my opinion 😉 ) and are therefore worth mentionning, as on soundclound it’s impossible to sort them in any way.

Crawling Caterpillar
A bit darkish theme song I composed with Musescore 2 during global game jam 2016. I had 2 days to compose and do all the sound design of the game, so I really had time to come up with something nice.

We could have been happy
Jazzy song composed in Musescore2 as well, during Ludum Dare #34 Game Jam for my game We used to be Neighbours. I was really inspired when I composed it, and spent a few hours on it. And only when I fishished I realized that it didn’t really fit as the main theme of the game. In the end I used it for the hidden happy ending.

Soundtrack from Roc’h Arnev Island
3 songs composed for the enhanced version of my game Roc’h Arnev Island in Musescore2. It’s a somewat classical music that I hope fits well the mood of the game.

Electronic Game Music
Typical video game music with oscillators and lot’s of distorsion. They were all composed during various Game Jams, usually in less than an hour. They’re still very cool but would probably be cooler if I had worked on them a bit more. These were composed using LMMS.

and there is still more on soundcloud.