The Fifth Exponent Hints

The Fifth Exponent Hints

This page is organized in the following order: first the hints that intend to help you finish the game without spoiling too much and at the end you will find the detailed walkthrough.

I was intending to put this in-game but I didn’t have the time during the game jam so here it is. Maybe it will help you enjoy more the game if you’re stuck.

I hope you have already figured this out by yourself that the car only moves by discrete distances which are all equal to powers of 2 (exponent 0 => distance of 1, exponent 1 => distance of 2, 2 => 4, 3 => 8, 4=> 16). You can only use each exponent/travel each distance once in a game. So one of the puzzles is to figure out the right combination. To do this it really helps to figure out the distances between the islands. You will need to visit each island once.

It also helps to try and visit each island and find out what each habitant wants even though it probably will mean that you will need to restart the game a few times. This first version of the game unfortunatelly doesn’t include restart nor time rewind option so unfortunately you will need to restart the game manually.

After each question hint (which is hidden and you’ll have to hightlight the text with your mouse to show it) you’ll find several answers (A1, A2…) which give more details.

Highlight with you mouse what follows after “Hint n°X:” and “AX:”.

Hint n°1: The two characters want to fill their space car with 2-power. Did you manage to land on the island with a station. Did you find out what was the problem?
A1: the island is 19 parsecs away from starting point.
A2: the angry character wants a cup of tea. you can try giving him various teas to see what he/she wants exactly.
A3: he/she will be pleased if you give him/her some oolong tea.

Hint n°:2 How do I get the thing the angry character wants?
A1: Did you land on the oolong plantation? it’s 11 parsecs from starting point.
A2: did you try buying it? apparently you have the money you need!

Hint n°3: I got past the angry character but I don’ seem to have enough money to fill my car.
A1: You have some money in your pocket but it’s insufficient to fill your car. You will need to get more money somehow.
A2: There is someone that will hire you.
A3: Did you land on tea shop island? it’s 10 parsecs away from starting point.
A4: Bring him some tea for sale.

Hint n°4: How do I get the thing the angry character wants and keep the money?
A1: you’ll need to exchange something in order to get oolong.
A2: Did you talk with Oolong farmer? He’s island is 11 parsecs from starting point.
A3: We wants to drink something else for a change. You can test giving him various objects.
A4: He’ll be happy with pu-erh tea.

Hint n°5: How do I get pu-erh tea?
A1: Did you try buying it? Pu-erh plantation is 14 parsecs away from starting point.
A2: Ok you can buy it but you don’t get to keep the money. Maybe someone would buy it from you for a better price?
A3: Look at hint n°3.

Hint n°6: I sold some tea but now I have nothing for the angry character.
A1: Notice there is an island with flowers, that doesn’t seem important? it’s 16 parsecs away from starting point.
A2: Notice how the pu-erh character doesn’t seem to need anything?
A3: Maybe just giving him some flowers would be nice.

Hightlight with your mouse what is hidden after “Step n°X”:
Step n°1: Load exponent 4 and travel 16 parsecs forward to flowers island. Pick up flowers.
Step n°2: Load exponent 1 and travel 2 parsecs backwards to pu-erh island. Buy Puerh and give flowers.
Step n°3: Load exponent 2 and travel 4 parsecs backwards to shop island. Sell pu-erh.
Step n°4: Load exponent 0 and travel 1 parsecs forward to oolong island. Exchange pu-erh for oolong.
Step n°5: Load exponent 3 and travel 8 parsecs forward to station island. Give oolong to angry character. Talk to filling station keeper.

Thank’s for reading. If you have any remarks don’t hesitate to drop me a few lines!